Extraordinary 3D façade to reflect innovation at The Navigator Campus

The recent opening of a multifunctional technology park, the “Navigator Campus” in Kazan, Russia has immediately attracted public attention. It is the first private sector technology park in Russia to develop state of the art projects such as custom robotics, 3D-printing, “smart” devices and portable “smart” home electronics systems. The Navigator Campus includes both office space and laboratories kitted out with the latest technology and essential office and laboratory equipment.

The innovation at work on the technology park is also reflected in the façade of the building – the 3D façade was clad with a combination of Rockpanel Woods and Rockpanel Colours in white, to provide this high-tech building with an original look. The unique characteristics and versatile processing options of Rockpanel made the creation of this façade possible. The high quality insulation of the building was provided by ROCKWOOL energy efficient stone wool.

Several triangles were cut from each façade board, each one slightly different across the whole façade. Despite being lightweight, Rockpanel is as robust as stone. Its weather and moisture resistant properties ensure that the edges of the boards do not need to be treated – saving time and cost.

Rockpanel boards’ fire protection properties are another benefit which re-enforced the decision to use Rockpanel façade cladding in the project. Like all Rockpanel products, the applied façade cladding meets European fire classification B-s2, d0. Rockpanel boards in FS-Xtra grade can even meet European fire classification A2-s1, d0; as a result these boards can be used as non-combustible building materials in buildings where the highest level of fire safety is required, such as high rise apartment buildings, childcare centres, schools and hospitals.

Rockpanel façade cladding panels provide buildings with a distinctive character, as proved by this innovative, visually exceptional, creative, yet sustainable project.