In Biella (Italy), you will find Birra Menabrea. This Italian beer brewery has been in operation since 1846 and is a fantastic example of industrial archaeology. The production facility of the brewery is located in the historic centre of Biella and retains the charm of tradition. The large production site comprises all the activities necessary for the production of beer, up to the final stages of bottling and packaging.

Renovating an old brewery

How can you modernise an old production facility, while preserving its historical elements and meeting the desire to minimize the environmental impact? That was the challenge the architects Pier Gianni Tonetti, Ilaria Tonetti and Francesca Petri were faced with. Both the newly built addition and the existing buildings, which were renovated, have been redesigned to convey a message of innovation and modernity. Using the special features of its surroundings, the architects opted for a building that, in compliance with the dimensional limits imposed by the regulations, would seamlessly fit in with the existing skyline, yet have its own unique and modern identity.

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Case Study Italy Menabrea

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