The station area in Ede (The Netherlands) is being regenerated. A number of old buildings have been renovated, facades have been improved and several new-build projects were carried out. The crowning glory of this area renewal was recently completed: an impressive apartment building with 29 rental homes for the private sector, at the head of the Parkweg. Rockpanel Woods facade boards with a false vertical joint clearly mark this project.

Parkveste, as the apartment complex was named, features facades made of bricks in a warm brown colour and high windows with spacious, recessed balconies. Architectural firm ZAAK VAN NN was responsible for the design. Co-owner and architect Niels de Vries: “Wood fits perfectly with this warm facade image, but our client wanted a solution that requires as little maintenance as possible. The choice soon fell on Rockpanel Woods. With their warm, authentic appearance, these panels are not inferior to real wood. And because they are made of stone wool, they are robust, fireproof, more resistant to wind and weather, and virtually maintenance-free. In this way we combine the best of both worlds!”

Used products:

Rockpanel Woods 10 mm



Project: New build residential block of flats - Parkveste Ede
Architect: Zaak van NN – Niels de Vries
Developer: Studio ZE 
Building company: Bouwbedrijf Van Middendorp Wekerom 
Address: Parkweg Ede
Dealer: van de Pol Kootwijkerbroek  
Product: Rockpanel Woods

Used products: