The Saint Martin II residence in Villenave d'Ornon (France) used to have a typically 1970s appearance. By adding Rockpanel facade boards in a subtle, refined way, the complex now looks more contemporary. The architectural style has been preserved, while the building is now completely up to date when it comes to fire safety, thermal comfort and durability.

A sober and well-designed complex located in a pleasant, natural setting: the Residence Saint Martin offers undeniable architectural qualities for a complex built in 1974. "These four buildings in architectural concrete have character. They are in the style of the period, with great horizontal natural lighting, very typical for the 1970s ", summarizes architect Bruno Jacq, who was in charge of the renovation of the residence.

Used products:

ROCKPANEL Colours Durable 8 mm


Informations sur le projet:

Architect: Bruno Jacq Architecte
Contractor: Davitec
Address: Avenue du Maréchal Juin
City: Villenave d'Ornon
Rockpanel product: Rockpanel Colours Durable 8mm

Used products: