Nine apartment blocks in Grenaa (Denmark) have undergone a thorough renovation – from old, worn-out apartment blocks into attractive homes with new balconies and energy-renovated facades. The residential area has gotten a true upgrade, not least thanks to the robust Rockpanel Natural facade boards that add a natural look and over time patinate to an organic reddish-brown shade. 

The transformation is clearly visible in the Danish town Grenaa. The apartment blocks on De Lichtenbergs Vej have received a much-needed makeover. Inside, the apartments were given new floors, ceilings and walls, while the space distribution was optimized. Outside, balconies have been added, and the facade has been given both an energy and visual boost. 

Used products:

Rockpanel Natural


Project information:

Project name: De Lichtenbergs Vej 
Building owner: B45 Boligudlejning 
Location: Grenaa, Denmark 
Building type: Residential 
Project type: Renovation 
Contractor: Hustømrene 
Installer: Hustømrene 
Rockpanel products: Natural & Structures 
Fixing: Screws 

Used products: