It is not easy to erase the outdated architectural style of apartment buildings from the 1980s. In Compiègne (France), Rockpanel facade boards have contributed to the new appearance of the Saint-Germain residence. How? By a clever work of composition and assembly of colours, which simplified and modernized the facades. 

“A highly refined requalification that perpetuates the building, and not a free act. " That was the principle that Eva Molina, the responsible architect from Groupe AIP, applied when working on the energy renovation of this residential building. The implementation of thermal insulation systems for walls from the outside was an opportunity to update the architectural style of the building, strongly marked by the 1980s, the time of its construction.  

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Rockpanel Colours


Project information:

Architect: AIP Mr Ducrocq 
Contractor: BLM Mr Etienne Mathieu 
Building owner: OSICA 
Location: 9 Rue Saint Germain, Compiegne (France) 
Rockpanel products: Rockpanel Colours  

Used products: