In Rotterdam (The Netherlands), four so-called ERA flats were thoroughly renovated. The flats are now fully adapted to the living requirements of both today and also tomorrow. Thanks to clever use of materials, including Rockpanel Colours, the robust, no-nonsense homes also regain the shine they had lost over the years.   

The four renovated flats were one of the first flats built in the 1960s in the Netherlands for which the “ERA approach” was used. Large gallery flats were built at a rapid pace via tunnel formwork. This was necessary to fill the large gaps in the housing shortage after the war. In total, more than 11,000 homes were built between 1964 and 1973 in 63 ERA flats throughout the Netherlands. 

Used products:

Rockpanel Colours


Project data:

Location: Wijk Prins Alexander, Rotterdam
Building type: Renovation 4 ERA flats
Architect firm: A3 Architecten – Jurgen Reichard
Contractor: Team ERAFLATS
Distributor: Jongeneel Schiedam
Rockpanel products: Rockpanel Colours 

Used products: