With a simple facade design in earth tones, Kolding's new meeting point, Samvaerket, is created to blend in with the scenic surroundings. GPP Architects has designed the centre, which houses the church's activities and cultural events and is clad with facade panels in a raw and patinated look. 

Samvaerket is located in an attractive park area in Kolding (Denmark). The new-build complex of 2400 m2 has room for 1000 people, making it suitable for hosting several social, cultural and church activities. Although the centre could already open its doors before Christmas 2021, it has taken time to achieve the final facade look. The building is covered with untreated Rockpanel facade boards that have been coloured by sun, rain and wind. 

Lars Schmidt, director of Samvaerket: “We are very satisfied with the result and happy with the positive reactions we receive from locals who think that Samvaerket has become a beautiful and exciting building. It is important that the centre fits into the surroundings, and the earth-coloured facade panels help to ensure this. 

Used products:

Rockpanel Natural og Rockpanel Colours RAL 8022

Case study Samvaerket
Rockpanel Natural 
Rockpanel Colours RAL 8022
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Used products: