In Naaldwijk (The Netherlands), youll find a beautiful detached house that combines a modern, sleek facade with a traditional thatched roof. In 2019 the house was thoroughly renovated, making it completely futureproof. Rockpanel products, applied around the roof, door and windows, complete the picture. 

Renovating a house with a thatched roof  

Working with a natural product such as reed requires special craftsmanship. The owners of the house in Naaldwijk therefore enlisted the help of Rietdekkersbedrijf C. van Vliet. Addie van Vliet, one of the owners of the company, says: The residents were looking for a contractor who could create and implement a new plan for the entire superstructure. Initially they had the idea to continue building on the existing facades. We have come up with the plan to start over with timber frame construction from the first floor. An advantage of this is that it is then easier to create a coherent whole. By making a working drawing based on this idea, we could prefabricate the walls and the steel structure and close the roof again in a short period of time. 

Used products:

Rockpanel Colours Ral 9005



Projectname: Single family house Naaldwijk
Address: Grote Woerdlaan 44 2671 CL Naaldwijk
Installer: Rietdekkersbedrijf van Vliet
Products: Rockpanel Colours RAL 9005
Segment: Around the roof, dormer

Used products: