In Karlstad, Moelven Byggmodul AB has built 184 climate-friendly student apartments for Wood & Hill AB. The new apartments are built in modules with a focus on being space-efficient, practical, and comfortable. Moreover, the buildings have been clad with facade panels from Rockpanel, which, thanks to their special shape and colour, give a lively expression that harmonizes with the other materials of the buildings.

In Kronoparken, close to Karlstad University, you will find four buildings that make up Trombonen. Moelven Byggmodul AB, the leading Nordic producer of industrially produced wooden building modules, was tasked with building the houses with a total of 184 student apartments for the company Wood & Hill AB. For these buildings, Rockpanel provided facade panels in three different shades of grey, which have been cut and installed in a herringbone arrangement of rectangles on the facades.

Used products:

Produkter: Rockpanel Structures Dustry Grey and Silk Grey

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