A unique project: ‘The Tree House' community school in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands

A unique community school project, developed in Zaltbommel, has awakened huge 'community interest’ within the region and beyond because of its distinctive design. Architect Sebastiaan Robben from the De Twee Snoeken architectural firm in Hertogenbosch, played an important role in the realisation of the project. Together with his colleagues, his vision was to create a unique tree house concept. He chose to use Rockpanel Woods to bring the project to life. Sebastiaan Robben : “We were walking in the park and suddenly saw what it had to be – a tree house. Thanks to Rockpanel Woods, we were able to realise this dream…”

The tree house has been designed to accommodate a state school and a Christian school, alongside local social housing, and all within one building. The tree house captures the imagination of both young and old and is also seen by people living in the neighbourhood as a remarkable new structure within the local environment.

Rockpanel Woods, just as beautiful as wood but much more durable.

Rockpanel was able to offer what other wood print manufacturers lacked –a wood design that was not merely an endless repeated pattern, but one that would give a natural wood look to the project. The material is organic, has a varied colour tonality and is entirely suitable for external use. Furthermore, Rockpanel Woods is a highly durable material. It requires very little maintenance and has considerable longevity, retaining all its inherent qualities.

Rockpanel’s high level of fire safety was also an important factor in the architect’s choice. And most importantly, Rockpanel has allowed the architect to tell a story and express a vision. In this project through Rockpanel Woods

Sebastiaan Robben : “We selected four wood designs from a choice of six. The boards were then cut into various widths.

The end result is a natural looking wood effect facade which gives a real feel of a wooden tree house structure as we had intended.”