Material and use

The Rockpanel Ply boards are produced from compressed natural basalt, a sustainable and readily available volcanic rock and bonded with an organic binder from which all Rockpanel products derive their unique properties. The products combine the advantages of stone and workability wood.

The Rockpanel Ply boards are primed with a high quality waterborne undercoat and are mainly used for applications along the roofline.

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Les Trèfles primary school in Anderlecht, Belgium

Technical Support

Looking for support to fix your Rockpanel boards? We are there to help you.

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Dimensions & tolerances (mm)

Panel thickness 8 10
Panel dimensions 2500 or 3050 2500 or 3050
Panel width 1200 1200
Length/width tolerance +2 / -2
Thickness tolerance +0.5 / -0.5

Paint advice for Rockpanel Ply

The Rockpanel Ply boards are primed with an undercoat from the wood processing industry, which you can finish with the colour coating of your choice. The paint solutions suitable for wood products should in principle also be suitable to finish Rockpanel Ply, provided that the paint manufacturer’s recommendations are followed. Always consult your paint supplier and the paint manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

For advice on painting Rockpanel Ply, please contact the following:

  • PPG Architectural Coatings EMEA (Tel. (1924) 354197) or
  • your own paint supplier.

Unique composition and properties

Take no risks - be on the (fire-)safe side

Creating fire-safe buildings to protect the people living and working inside is an increasingly important issue. When using Rockpanel Ply you can create applications with a high level of fire safety with your own unique finish.

Property Value
Fire Classification (Euroclass) EN 13501-1
- Rockpanel Ply B-s2, d0
Easy to handle

Our boards are easy to handle on the building site, unlike many other materials, and therefore quicker and easier to install.

Nominal mass of surface kg/m²
Rockpanel Ply 8 mm 8
Rockpanel Durable 8 mm 8.4
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) 8 mm 11.1
Fiber Cement Board (FCB) 8 mm 15.4

Stable as a rock

Our boards are not affected by fluctuations in humidity or temperature and are therefor very dimensionally stable.

Dimensional stability (EN 438-2) mm/(mºK)
Rockpanel Ply 9.7 x 10-3
Concrete 12 x 10-3
Fibre Cement Board (FCB) 15 x 10-3
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) 28 x 10-3

More flexibility in size, greater cost efficiency

We offer the possibility to deliver custom sized boards for you, adjusted to your project requirements*.

As a result of our innovative production process, the board can now be delivered in:

  • all lengths between 1700 and 3050 mm and
  • a width of 1200 or 1250 mm.

Even if a certain project requires a custom made thickness, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you on the possibilities.

* Minimal order per length 300 m²

Simply apply the colour of your choice

Is the exact colour you would like for your design not available in our range, or do you want to accentuate even the smallest detail of the building? Rockpanel Ply gives you the freedom to express yourself in any colour.

Our assortment – Order your sample

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If you like to order samples from other Rockpanel products as well, simply select them on the specific product page(s). When you are finished, order them all at once by clicking “Order samples”.

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