Material and use

The Rockpanel Natural boards are produced from compressed natural basalt, a sustainable and readily available volcanic rock and bonded with an organic binder from which all Rockpanel products derive their unique properties. The products combine the advantages of stone and workability wood.

The cladding boards are suitable for use as exterior cladding, applications along the roofline and for building detailing.

What is natural weathering & colouration?

Rockpanel Natural weathers and changes colour through exposure to natural elements such as UV light, wind, rain and the surrounding environment, for example trees in the immediate area.

Examples of natural weathering are:

  • the rusting and tarnishing of metals such as steel, aluminium, Cortenstaal and zinc
  • the discolouration of stone and concrete
  • the natural discolouration (greying) of wood

Rockpanel Natural combines the natural appeal of wood with a number of additional benefits such as high dimension stability and water resistance.

Things to keep in mind! 

For a perfect final result with Rockpanel Natural it is important to work carefully during application and in detailing. Bear in mind the following points:

  • Through proper detailing, adhesion of algae can be prevented. The structure should be designed in such a way that the boards drain properly, do not retain capillary moisture and dry quickly through proper ventilation. It is recommended that overhanging vegetation near the facade be avoided.
  • Take into account in the detailing that dirt on Rockpanel Natural does not wash away as easily as from a coated Rockpanel board. For example, by using an aluminium water runoff with a front panel or double roof trim so that dirt from drainage water leaves no tracks.
  • Any dirt can be removed with a wire brush. However, this also removes a portion of the weathered surface, which at first is visible on the board. After cleaning, the cleaned portion will weather again and merge into the rest.
  • The weathering effect of Rockpanel Natural occurs in the top layer. Any scratches or nicks are at first visible, but will weather again and merge into the rest.
  • If the board is applied directly on to an aluminum support structure, at the locations of the aluminum rails the heat of the façade is more quickly dissipated than the rest of the board (the ‘span’). Because of this, at the beginning of the ageing curve the difference between the location of the support structure and the span is visible and the support structure can be distinguished. Over the course of time this effect will disappear as the ageing curves of the span and support structure approach each other.
  • Due to the weathering in the top layer, We advise using 10 mm where 8 mm is normally used and 8 mm where 6 mm is normally used.


Reference Projects

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Reference Locator

Get inspired by some great Rockpanel projects in your neighbourhood

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Les Trèfles primary school in Anderlecht, Belgium

Technical Support

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Dimensions & tolerances of the board grades (mm)

Getting great grades

Rockpanel Natural boards are available in the following grades:

Durable > For general applications around the roofline and exterior cladding.

* Available from 100 m²

Dimensions & tolerances (mm)

Panel dimensions 2500 or 3050
Panel width 1200 or 1250*
Panel thickness 10
Length/width tolerance +2 / -2
Thickness tolerance +0.5 / -0.5


Unique composition and properties

Flexibility built in

Rockpanel boards can be curved and bent easily to create amazing facades.

  Rockpanel Durable
Panel thickness (mm) 8
Panel dimensions (Arch, mm) 3050
Radius R minimal (mm) 2500
Angle α 69,9º
Chord (mm) 2864
Level (mm) 451
Common ground c.t.c. (mm) 400
Fixing distance c.t.c. (mm) 300

Easy to handle

Our boards are easy to handle on the building site, unlike many other materials, and therefore quicker and easier to install.

Nominal mass of surface kg/m²
Rockpanel Durable 8 mm 8.4
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) 8 mm 11.1
Fiber Cement Board (FCB) 8 mm 15.4

Stable as a rock

Our boards are not affected by fluctuations in humidity or temperature and are therefor very dimensionally stable.

Dimensional stability (EN 438-2) mm/(m·K)
Rockpanel Durable 10,5 · 10-3
Concrete 12 · 10-3
Fibre Cement Board (FCB) 15 · 10-3
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) 28 · 10-3

More flexibility in size, greater cost efficiency

We offer the possibility to deliver custom sized boards for you, adjusted to your project requirements*.

As a result of our innovative production process, the board can now be delivered in:

  • all lengths between 1700 and 3050 mm and
  • a width of 1200 or 1250 mm.

Even if a certain project requires a custom made thickness, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you on the possibilities.

* Minimal order per length 300 m²

Give your building a natural and harmonious look & feel

Raw, elemental and imbued with natural beauty, organic and sustainable – all key attributes to creating long lasting design that fits within its natural environment. Rockpanel Natural is our product stripped of colour and finish – perfect for creating a building façade that is in touch with nature.

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If you like to order samples from other Rockpanel products as well, simply select them on the specific product page(s). When you are finished, order them all at once by clicking “Order samples”.



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Rockpanel Natural Durable 8 mm and 10 mm / Rockpanel Natural Xtreme 8 mm and 10 mm

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