Material and use

The Rockpanel Lines² boards are produced from compressed natural basalt, a sustainable and readily available volcanic rock and bonded with an organic binder from which all Rockpanel products derive their unique properties. The products combine the advantages of stone and workability wood. The tongue-and-groove panels are suitable for horizontal application in ventilated constructions while Lines² 10 can also be installed vertically. Please feel free to contact us to advise you with regard to a vertical installation.

Traditional or innovative fixing

Lines² S 10 / Lines² XL 10: Traditional fixing

The Rockpanel Lines² 10 tongue-and-groove panels can be fixed invisibly, which results in an attractive traditional groove effect, using Rockpanel ring shank nails with a ultra-flat head or stainless-steel flat-top screws.

Lines² S 8 / Lines² XL 8: Innovative fixing

To make the fixing of tongue-and-groove panels easier and safer, we developed an innovative clip. The clip ensures that the supporting structure is ventilated more effectively, reducing moisture retention and thus increasing the structure’s durability.

Flexible mounting using the Rockpanel clip

Choose between a fixed and demountable installation of Rockpanel Lines² S 8 and Lines² XL 8 tongue-and-groove panels. For demountable installation, the tongue-and-groove board is simply inserted into the clip so that each panel can be removed separately.

Advantages of the innovative installation

  1. To achieve an effective wall design, the working width used can be optimised to fit the height of the wall.
  2. Using the different lines options, different groove widths can be created, meaning even greater variation in the interplay of lines.

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A whole range of possibilities, traditional and innovative

Rockpanel Lines² are available in two thicknesses:

Lines² 10: 10mm tongue-and-groove panels fixed in a traditional way

Lines² 8: 8mm tongue-and-groove panels which can be fixed in an innovative and safe way

The 2 versions are available in 2 widths, the traditional sized Lines² S next to the extra wide Lines² XL offering a whole range of new possibilities. Two different widths can now be combined for an extraordinary interplay of effects.

Note: Lines² 10 and Lines² 8 cannot be used in combination with each other.

Dimensions & tolerances (mm)

Type Lines² S 10 XL 10 S 8 XL 8
Panel thickness 10 10 8 8
Panel width 164 295 164 295
Working width 146 277 151-156 282-287
Panel length 3050
Width tolerance +1 / -1
Thickness tolerance +0.5 / -0.5

Unique composition and properties

Keeping its beauty for many years

Rockpanel boards are treated with a high quality water-based coating that keeps their appearance, colour and finish for years to come.

The performance of the Rockpanel Lines² boards after a weathering test of 3.000 hours and 5.000 hours according ISO 105 A02:

Product 3000h 5000h
Rockpanel Lines² 4 3-4 or better

Stable as a rock

Our boards are not affected by fluctuations in humidity or temperature and are therefor very dimensionally stable.

Dimensional stability (EN 438-2) mm/(mºK)
Rockpanel Lines² 10,5 x 10-3
Concrete 12 x 10-3
Fibre Cement Board (FCB) 15 x 10-3
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) 28 x 10-3

Create a perfect symmetry to your building

Your design is all about the lines, perfect symmetry or abstract – you know that you can pick out the buildings best features by accentuating the lines. Rockpanel Lines² gives you’re the freedom to work your vision into a reality and is a perfect long lasting, low maintenance replacement for wooden tongue and groove panels.

Our assortment – Order your samples

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If you like to order samples from other Rockpanel products as well, simply select them on the specific product page(s). When you are finished, order them all at once by clicking “Order samples”.



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