Benefits of Rockpanel during remediation


Providing peace of mind

Using non-combustible materials is priority number one in the UK. For ‘Relevant’ buildings exceeding 18 meters, and ‘Residential buildings above 11metres building material rated A2 must be used for external walls – not only for new builds but also for refurbishment.


Fast and easy installation

Opting for materials that can be installed easily on site during recladding is vital. It helps reduce installation costs and reduces the impact and inconvenience for residents due to faster installation times, helping to avoid the need for rehousing and other disturbances.


Freedom of design

Ventilated cladding affords architects and specifiers opportunities to use colour and other surface designs to create facades not achievable with other alternatives. With Rockpanel, more than 200 surface finishes are available, all of which will stay looking great for many years while delivering superior fire safety performance. Whatever your design vision is: be it plane, irregular, symmetrical or curvilinear, with Rockpanel you get a non-combustible facade without having to give up on your design dream.


A sustainable choice

Recladding offers a carbon footprint conscious and efficient way of enhancing an existing building. With Rockpanel you can always find a suitable design for a recladding project with our eco-friendly product.


Lasting durability

Durable buildings are built to last. Durability is not limited to functionality but also involves the aesthetic’s durability. Aspects of dimensional stability, resistance against weather, fire safety and colour fastness are all important factors to keep maintenance costs low.