A natural, sustainable material

The core ingredient of Rockpanel Metals facade boards is a unique natural material: basalt, a non-depletable volcanic rock. This makes Rockpanel a responsible choice, as it is not
exhausting the earth’s valuable resources.


Fire resilient by nature

The fire resilience of our Rockpanel Metals boards comes from within. They are made of stone wool fibres and have a very low calorific content. Our A2 boards meet the most stringent fire regulations (Euroclass A2-s1,d0 – non-combustible). Just like stone, they have an extremely high melting point (1000°C).


Long-lasting beautiful facades

Thanks to the optimum colourfastness, your Rockpanel Metals facade will keep its valuable, aesthetic appearance for a long time. An extra ProtectPlus layer comes as a standard, which makes your facade virtually self-cleaning. This limits cleaning and maintenance (costs) to a minimum. In addition, you can even easily remove graffiti.


Closing the loop

In addition, the boards can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality,
keeping the loop closed and the carbon footprint low.


Readily available

Not only is the Rockpanel core ingredient readily available – our products are too! Thanks to our innovative production line, we are able to offer short lead times and low minimum
order quantities while safeguarding high quality facade boards.