Frequently asked questions

I requested product samples, when will I receive them?
What are the prices of Rockpanel products?
Where can I buy Rockpanel?
Do you have a showroom?
Is it possible to have Rockpanel products installed by you?
How can I find someone to install Rockpanel cladding?
Where can Rockpanel be applied?
Do the boards have an insulating effect?
Can I install Rockpanel boards seamlessly?
Can Rockpanel be placed directly on an existing fascia?
Can Rockpanel be glued?
Why do you recommend gluing Rockpanel onto a strip?
What are the dimensions of Rockpanel boards?
Is it possible to get other dimensions?
Can Rockpanel be (re)painted?
Do the (cutting) edges of Rockpanel require special treatment?
What maintenance is required for Rockpanel?
What is ProtectPlus?
I have an other question. How can I contact you?

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