Most complete range of colours

Let your facade blend into the environment. Or emphasise its features in an urban setting. Enjoy complete freedom in the design of your building – in almost any colour of your choice. In addition to our colour palette of more than 144+ RAL/NCS colours, you can choose almost any RAL/NCS to express your imagination. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


Brand it

When creating a facade, the importance of the visual appearance cannot be ignored. Would you like the new facade to closely match the existing surroundings? Or would you rather let it stand out from the crowd? Rockpanel Colours have what it takes – a wide variety of standard, special and custom colours to create a fully customised look & feel.


Bend, curve and perforate

To obtain the best possible result, even the smallest details matter. Thanks to our extensive colour range, you’ll always find the perfect match for your project. Bend, curve, perforate, cut, shape & combine colours, patterns and other Rockpanel products to fully customize your design. Mix and match any way you like to create your own unique facade.


Elegance and excellence

Designing your dream building? Then you know that even the smallest details matter. Like you, we have a similar desire to pursue design elegance and excellence. Rockpanel Colours therefore offers multiple corner solutions to match any design. It is down to your creativity and personal choice to give your project the specific look & feel you are looking for.


Even more protection with ProtectPlus

Looking for extra protection for your facade? The transparant ProtectPlus layer further strengthens the UV resistance and offers increased selfcleaning capacity. That means most of the dirt on the facade is simply washed away by rainwater. Due to its protective layer even graffiti can be removed. Rockpanel Colours can be optionally finished with a ProtectPlus layer.

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