VM Geveltechniek renovated the facade of a residential building in Zwolle (NL). The old, flaking and peeling plywood was replaced with future proof Rockpanel Woods facade cladding. This has improved fire safety by leaps and bounds, while maintaining the warm and harmonious feel of the facade. 

The residential building De Philosoof is located on the former grounds of the Stilobad in a pretty, quiet area of Zwolle, close to the city centre. “It’s a striking, colourful building that fits in perfectly with the surroundings,” explains Jos Marsman, resident and spokesperson for the owners’ association. The facade plays an important role in this. “Facing the city and the street, the building is a real urban block, with a bold facade of closed masonry that brings order to the unstructured environment. On the other hand, the inner side of the building provides shelter and peace, and faces the garden with mature oaks and the Oude Vecht stream. The facade here was finished with varnished cherry wood when it was built, to create a calm, warm effect.” 

Used products:

Rockpanel Woods Cherry



Projectname: Apartment building "De Philosoof" in Zwolle
Address: Turfmarktstraat 2 Zwolle
Architect: 19 Het Atelier 
Contractor: VM Geveltechniek
Used Rockpanel products: Rockpanel Woods Cherry
Fixingmethod: Screws
Product dealer: Witzand Almelo

Used products: