A sustainable material

Real wood might seem to be a natural, sustainable material choice. In reality, timber requires a lot of treatments in order to become suitable as a building material. Rockpanel Woods, on the other hand, is a product of nature, as it’s produced from natural basalt. The earth creates way more of this volcanic rock each year than we could ever use to create our products.


Fire resilient by nature

Basalt, the key ingredient in Rockpanel cladding, can naturally withstand extremely high temperatures. This means our fire resilience comes from within, without the need to add chemical fire retardants. You can safely use Rockpanel Woods A2 boards in high-rise and high-risk buildings, as it’s tested as Euroclass A2-s1, d0 (non-combustible).


Long-lasting beautiful facades

Rockpanel Woods cladding is very durable and will stay beautiful for decades. The material is insensitive to moisture and does not expand or shrink, even with big changes in temperature and humidity. This enables narrow joints.It offers great colour-fastness and as the wood designs without visual repetition look so authentic, they are almost indistinguishable from real wood.



Regular timber rots over time, even with treatment. Rockpanel Woods boards have an overall life span of 50 years, with no rot or delamination, and are virtually maintenance-free. As all our Rockpanel Woods boards come with a ProtectPlus coating, most of the dirt on the facade is simply washed away by rainwater, and even graffiti can be removed.


The workability of wood with the robustness of stone

Rockpanel Woods boards are just as easy to process as wood – without the need for special equipment. Thanks to their light weight, they are very easy to handle and therefore easy to install, also on high-rise buildings. Rockpanel Woods therefore has all the advantages of real wood, with the robustness and fire resilience of stone.