De Pijl in Hoeilaart (Belgium) offers special youth care services for children aged 5-14 and their families. There were two buildings on the De Pijl site, each housing a group of children. Ypsilon Architecten was asked to design a new building that needed to become a home for a third living group, as well as providing some office space. The facade finish with Rockpanel Woods contributes to the homely appearance of the new building.  

Ypsilon Architecten’s team regularly works with non-profit organisations such as De Pijl. “We guide them through the entire process and put their needs at the centre of the design,” says manager Jurgen Chys. “We placed a new building on the ‘De Pijl’-site in Hoeilaart between the two existing community buildings. The three entities are linked in a T-shape with the office space at the intersection. The difference in height of one storey on the site was used as a basement that functions as the foundation of the building.” 

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Rockpanel Woods Teak


Project information:

Project:  De Pijl
Location: J.B. Michielsstraat 10 1560 Hoeilaart
: Ypsilon Architecten – Gent
Buildingowner: vzw Sporen
: Rockpanel Woods Teak 

Used products: