The new school building of the KA Pegasus school in Belgian Ostend, which was completed in 2016, proves that bold architecture can also pay off in school construction. The design by architectural firm Urban Platform focuses on complementarity and contrast between the materials used. The striking windows are alternated with facade cladding with a warm, authentic look. The choice fell on Rockpanel Woods Teak cladding. “An aesthetically high-quality, cost-effective and maintenance-friendly solution,” the architects say. 

The KA Pegasus school in Ostend had been in need of a new building for some time. As early as the eighties, a lack of space forced the school board to install container classrooms. In 2016, a new construction of 1,920 m² was completed to deal with the lack of space for good. The end result is an impressive new project with 16 regular classrooms, one science room and an administrative wing, as well as a covered playground and a bicycle shed. 

Used products:

Rockpanel Woods Teak


Project information:

Project: KA Pegasus  
Location: Ostend, Belgium 
Architect: Urban Platform 
Contractor: Alheembouw
Installation: Vanver    
Rockpanel products: Rockpanel Woods Teak 
Fixing: screws 

Used products: