Globally, more than 50 percent of our existing buildings will be in use in 2050. In Europe alone, it is estimated 97 percent of these buildings need partial or deep renovation to meet the highest energy standards. Rockpanel is here to support you during every stage of your renovation process – from design to installation.


Fire safety

It is imperative that the materials used comply with current fire safety regulations. For certain buildings exceeding a height of 18 metres, Euroclass A2-s1,d0 or A1 is required for the external wall – not only for new buildings but also if a building undergoes a change in use. Rockpanel recommends that non-combustible materials (including insulation and cladding panels) be used in the external walls of all high-risk build¬ings, including: all buildings taller than 11 metres; all buildings having more than three storeys; Vulnerable occupancy buildings of any height, including hos¬pitals, schools, sheltered housing, care homes and entertainment venues.


Fast and easy to install

Time is money. Opting for materials that are easy to work with and can be mounted quickly and easily will lower cost of installation. When renovating, it is also important to minimize the impact and inconvenience for residents. Facade materials that are fast and easy to install require no need for temporary rehousing and disturbance is kept to a minimum.


Maintenance costs

The less time and money that are needed for maintenance and care, the better. Select a facade material that does not need repainting or other regular treatments. When comparing prices, make sure to also include maintenance costs to get a full overview of the true cost of ownership.


Durability and colour fastness

Durable buildings are built to last. Durability is not limited to functionality, but also involves aesthetic durability. Aspects such as dimensional stability, resistance against wind and water, fire safety and colour fast¬ness are all important focus areas to keep maintenance costs low.



When futureproofing buildings, sustainability plays an important role. Go for non-depletable, recyclable materials to support a circular economy.


Resistance to humidity and moisture

The facade material must be able to withstand the elements both visually and mechanically. In order to secure low maintenance costs, rain and humidity should not cause rot, change dimensions or affect a building in any other way.


Freedom of expression

In order to not only technically, but also visually renovate a building, a facade material needs to offer sufficient design options. It should be able to meet any design needs – whether you want to closely match an existing facade or create a totally new expression.

Renovation campaign
before and after

DENMARK AB Taarnparken, Roskilde

In Roskilde (Denmark), three apartment blocks were renovated. During a complete facade renovation, the old peeling plaster was replaced by modern facade panels. The apartment blocks, which have also undergone energy optimization, have been equipped with robust Rockpanel Colours boards that ensure a long lifetime and low maintenance.

renovation campaign before and after

FRANCE Bièvre, Paris

In France, the traditional way of creating firesafe buildings is with 'bavettes': a local type of firestops that place a strong, usually less desired mark on the look of a building. With Rockpanel facade boards, optimum fire safety is guaranteed, while at the same time being able to create a visually impressive building.

renovation campaign before and after

HOLLAND Bakenshof, Horst

What to do with a strongly outdated assisted-living centre that has no future in its present form, but that’s still too young for demolition? The parties involved decided to give this well-located property a visual facelift. With the new, low-maintenance facade boards, it is now completely ready for the future.

renovation campaign before after

UNITED KINGDOM Goldsmith Court, Nottingham

Goldsmith Court is a stylish, purpose designed student accommodation. The property has been re-dressed with non-combustible Rockpanel external facades, ensuring design freedom and fire-safety while delivering a sophisticated, modern exterior. The two surface designs – organic wood and slick aluminium – work together to bring visual impact to the architecture.

renovation campaign before after

GERMANY Haute Couture, Hannover

In 2012, housing corporation Gartenheim redeveloped a multi-family house, which was built in 1957. Before the renovation, the façades were plastered in a light-beige colour. But not anymore! ‘Haute Couture’, as the multi-unit house in Hannover (Germany) was named, now bursts with colour.

renovation campaign before after

GERMANY GBS Grafschaft Bentheim, Nordhorn

A thorough renovation made this school in Germany in futureproof. In terms of health - replacing old fibre cement boards containing asbestos - and fire safety, but also aesthetically. The building is no longer a heavy concrete block, but has transformed into a light modern attractive building.